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Who do you think crochets today?

It may not be who you think!!

Soooo – it’s not just grandmas who crochet! Can you see yourself joining the crochet world??

If you are ready to begin your crochet journey, check out the Beginning Crochet Course.

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  1. Those who don’t try to learn to crochet may find it hard – because of the different kinds of stitches and learning how to make a sample piece of stitches and place a marker of which stitch it is. it’s not hard to do and you can make things beyond the imagination- So learn to crochet today and experience what a difference a new hat, purse, phone cover, jacket, and dress can do to make your spending habits a bit interesting.

    1. Lorraine –
      I couldn’t have said it better! It is definitely easier to learn correctly the first time rather than correcting something learned the wrong way. Learning to crochet opens up a whole new world for you!

  2. You asked what others things we would like to learn. I’m an intermediate crocheter and am trying to teach myself Tunisian Crochet. Maybe you could do a video on that?

    1. Cindy –

      Yes! It’s on my list for the next course. Thank you – I’m always looking for what people want to learn to include in my courses.

  3. Well, Tunisian crochect is also what got me interested in learning crochet.
    I already have a few classes though. So maybe I need some motivation or an interesting project to begin with?

    1. Yes! Tunisian crochet can be quite fun! I will add that skill to the Intermediate or Advance Crochet courses as I create those, and include projects along the way.

  4. I am in horticulture professionally and saw a book called 75 Floral Blocks to Crochet and thought I could figure it out myself, not a chance! I would love to know the different stiches and how to read the patterns. The book is by Betty Barnden.

    1. Sounds to me like you need to take a crochet course! 🙂 Then you can crochet flowers as well as grow them!

  5. I taught my son to crochet when he was 10! His wife & mother-in-law both also crochet! I taught my 2 grandnieces, too!!

  6. I learned to crochet when I was 10 or so & crocheted a lot until in my 20’s when career got busy & then life got busy. I want to start back and crochet items for home & yes, grandkids. I have a 2 new grandbabies arriving in the next few months & that will make 8 grandkids. I am hoping to interest my 14 yr old granddaughter to discover the world of crocheting with me as she is very creative

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