Some of my favorite places to shop:

Beautiful Yarn – a crocheter or knitter can never have enough yarn in their stash! Here are a few of my favorite yarn sources for terrific quality yarns:

Echoview Fiber Mill                                We are Knitters                            WEBS

Natural Fiber Producers                         Wool and the Gang Appalachian Baby Design

O-wool                                                   Knit Picks

Mountain Meadow Wool Mill                   Caron Cakes

Appalachian Baby Design

Beautiful Hooks or Needles and Notions – so you can look and feel fancy and be productive working with your gorgeous yarns.

Tulip Crochet Hook Set

Furls crochet hook

Clover Amour Crochet Set

Complete Crochet Set

Light Up crochet hooks

Ergonomic hooks/needles


Bamboo Hooks

Tunisian Hooks

Fun Knitting Needles

Knitting Needle Set with case

Knitting Needle Caddy – HornShawWoodWorks

Crochet Workstation – Chetnanigans

Pom Pom maker

Stitch counter

Stitch Markers

Yarn winder and swift – perfect for winding your new yarn into lovely balls to use for your next project.

Stanwood Yarn Swift and Yarn Ball Winder

Yarn Bowls – to hold your yarn while you crochet or knit with it to keep it from rolling onto the floor.

CreativityHappens     Furls     Yarn Valet       Yarn Story

Crochet Patterns

Little Monkeys Design